Things you can do to help


Without votes, it won’t happen.  It’s that simple.

Tweet, Facebook and blog

Direct traffic to this site and use hashtag #VoteChooch (#Phillies too if there is space)

Email with a link to this site

- your Friends

- fellow Phillie fans

- American League fans (They already are voting for their team in

   the AL, but the NL is up for grabs)

- anyone with associations with the Philadelphia-Area

IMPORTANT - follow up in person and with an additional email a few days later

Talk it up

Approach Phillies fans and ask them if they’ve voted for the All-Star game

(If they are wearing anything Phillies, ask if they’ve voted and tell them about this campaign)

Tell your friends, Family and colleagues 

Make some phone calls on Chooch’s behalf

Distribute signs

(At games, Your Office, Local businesses, anywhere legal)

We only have funds for the first hundred, the rest has to come from you.  If you are a printer and would like to print signs of the cause, let us know.  If you’d like to pay for and distribute signs at a game, please go for it. any media presence will help get the word out quickly. 


If you are going to a game and want to distribute signs we’ll do our best to link you

up with other fans who also want to volunteer for that game.

get creative

Make a video, write a song, bake Vote Chooch cookies, whatever you do Tweet about it and let us know.

Take pictures

send us your photos showing us how you campaigned.  We’ll do our best to get it on the site!

Keep it Legal, Keep it Clean

don’t do anything that will get you in trouble or reflect poorly on Chooch or the Phillies.  This is supposed to be fun and from the fans, so don’t ruin it for everyone by doing something stupid.

Have Fun

Seriously, go nuts and let’s get Chooch the votes he deserves!